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SM Creations Logo by Silentmatten

Vision: A simplistic approach to provide a lasting impression and not be a big burden on the eyes. Something easy to remember and make someone instantly think of you when they recall this logo. That's impression I'm given as to what you were going for when I look at this. For that, I say that you have a solid vision.

Originality: Going with text as the main attraction is an old industry standard. A lot of company logos go with that, since it gets the point across without being flashy (People refer to that thought process as "engineer's thinking", if I remember correctly). Still, I see background icons here that I can't say I've seen in any other logo I've come across. I also can't nail down what font you're using, though while it seems somewhat standard, it's different enough from most fonts I've seen that it doesn't feel too copy/paste.

Technique: I've never actually tried making a logo using vectors, so I can't provide an empathetic observation on just how many clicks of the keyboard and movements of the mouse went into putting this together. I can comment that the final result doesn't look like something too complicated to make. I do enjoy that you used the icons sparingly so as not to crowd the image. The one exception I make to this is the long icon that bypasses through the middle of the logo. To me, it's distracting, interrupts the logo, looks a bit busy in comparison to the rest of the icons around the logo, and that little gray square just barely showing itself in the "e" in "Creations" makes my OCD go absolutely nuts. Again, that' probably just me, but once I notice stuff like that, there's no way to.....erm, for lack of a better word, "unnotice" it.

Impact: This is a logo that I can look at and appreciate for what it is trying to do. However, while it does take a slightly different approach in trying to grab someone's attention and make them relate it to a specific person, it still feels like it could do with a bit of editing to help it be a little easier on the eyes, particularly towards the middle of the piece, where my eyes are drawn and seem to want to stay there. For a lasting impression, I'm unsure if this would give much impact.

Overall Opinion: Honestly, if you were to ask me what to make of this, I would say that it's a good first try. A "close, but not quite", if you will. I like the logo, and I do think that it could work as is if you choose not to make any tweaks, though I do believe that it would benefit from them.
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